What is New Crops MN?

With about 25 million acres of farmland in Minnesota, agriculture is a bedrock of our economy. We need to ensure Minnesota remains at the forefront of this enduring industry — providing new economic growth opportunities for all farmers while also having a positive impact on the environment and public health.

These market-based Continuous Living Cover (also known as CLC) crops comprise select perennials and winter annuals (such as Kernza perennial grain, camelina and hazelnuts) representing new sources of food, feed and prized biomaterials. Their adoption provides numerous benefits to farmers: additional revenue streams, more dollars per acre and clean water for all. Importantly, these crops are compatible with or can work alongside current annual production systems.

New Crops Minnesota is asking Minnesotans to contact their state legislators to thank them for supporting important work that will allow farmers, businesses and researchers to advance these crops.

This two-pronged, bipartisan approach includes:

  • Crucial funding for crop research and development at the University of Minnesota Forever Green Initiative, which will enable experts to further develop better performing varieties of these crops
  • Grants for value chain development — essentially fertilizer for a growing industry, jumpstarting the market by helping local processors, distributors and manufacturers focused on CLC crops to spur a significant scale-up, ultimately making it easier for products to reach consumers worldwide while growing our industry here at home.

These crops can create new economic and community development opportunities, helping to secure a prosperous future for Minnesota’s farmers and strengthening the health of our soil and water for generations to come.

It truly is a win-win.